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All About Me

Hi there,

   I am delighted you have visited my website and are interested in my works. To begin, I'd like to introduce myself. Ludmila is my name but my friends call me Mila. I was born in the Republic of Moldava. I worked as a test engineer and we are raising our wonderful girls in Moldavia. Three years ago we decided to relocate to the Netherlands. And so my adventure began: learning a new language, traveling to beautiful places, and learning about the Netherlands. Not only didn't I change my country, but I also changed my interest. For a long time, I've had a passion for photography, and I realized that the details had to be rendered through the lens of my camera.

In this period of my life, photography became not only a hobby but also a job. I found the product photography, and this fits me so well. I like to learn new things and photography is an ever-evolving field and there is always something new to learn. 

   If you are looking for a photographer who will pay attention to detail, then please contact me. I would be honored to be your photographer for your products. I would be honored to be your product photographer

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